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Aussie Teardrop Campers is focussed on selling parts to the many home builders around Australia.

We have plenty of experience building teardrops as we started building them in 2001 after spending more than 20 years building and repairing caravans.  Aussie Teardrop Campers are the most produced, most sold and most recognisable teardrop campers in Australia.  So what do you do if you would like to buy a ready built camper?  What if you have built a camper and are looking for the best place to sell it?

You have come to the right place.  Here you will find second hand and home built teardrop campers.  And even though we no longer build custom built teardrops to order; on occasion, we may build a teardrop and make them available on this site. 

If you have a teardrop to sell and would like to put it up on our page, send us your photos in jpg format, the text you would like in your ad and transfer $50 to the bank account details on the contact us page.



Tom's Teardrop Camper - the alternative camper for caravan style travelling with a small car – or a big car. Weighs approximately 450kg


  • Immaculate condition and as new, hardly used, built in 2011 by Paul Cotter in Adelaide
  • Registered until December 2021
  • Built to go anywhere in Australia with high ground clearance
  • Has its own braking system ideal for descending steep hills
  • All terrain tyres fitted including spare wheel
  • Checkerboard stone guard at front of camper
  • Has two small slide on tables that fit over the wheels
  • Camper has two security doors – one on each of camper. Each door folds in half providing great cross ventilation. Doors are lockable from the inside and outside of camper
  • Outside light fitted over each door with switch
  • Large inflatable jockey wheel at front that makes positioning camper very easy
  • Mandatory turning lights, stop and taillights fitted.
  • 12volt 30amphour gel battery fitted October 2020, CTEC battery charger fitted
  • Lift up rear kitchen door with gas struts. A light is fitted above the inside of the kitchen door
  • The kitchen is fitted with three lockable storage drawers.
  • The kitchen has a large area for meal preparation
  • Underneath the kitchen prep area is some storage space


  • Two tall adults can sleep comfortably in the camper. A very comfortable foam mattress comes with the camper
  • Wood panelling is fitted on the bed head wall which has a shelf for small items. The other inside camper walls are covered with a felt material.
  • There is an adjustable roof top air vent
  • There are two large storage drawers inside the camper
  • Two bed lights are fitted for reading etc.
  • Doth doors are fitted with inside curtains.
  • Inside the camper it is warm and cosy and when the warmer weather comes along, plenty of cool fresh air circulates through the two large doors on each side of the camper

I Love the Teardrop but I cannot drive – my eyesight has deteriorated. It is a joy to tow and is easily manoeuvred. I have not used the little camper for about seven years so it has been, and is still stored in my garage.

tom teardrop
tom teardroptom teardroptom teardroptom teardrop
tom teardrop

call Tom Matthews anytime
0429 337 453
City of Adelaide, SA


 Recently Sold

George's Tardis is SOLD!

$8200 SOLD!!!!

  • two pull out awnings
  • two solar panels
  • tv and antenna
  • equipped pantry
  • storage below pantry
  • split doors on each side of camper providing great cross ventilation when doors are split
  • large inflatable jockey wheel at front that makes positioning camper very easy
  • internal cupboards for storage
  • stainless steel lockable tool box

teadrop camperteardrop camperteardrop camperteardrop camper

teardrop camperteardrop camperteardrop camperteardrop camperteardrop camper

Please contact George on 0402 729 678
Chapel Hill, Queensland

New Teardrop Caravan, beautifully built by professional boatbuilder

$8,500 negotiable SOLD!!!!

  • Registered and ready for your holiday  
  • Tows easily

teardrop teardrop teardrop

teardrop teardrop teardrop teardrop teardrop teardrop teardrop teardrop

Ross Naylor
0418 133 756

Ocean Grove, Victoria

Homebuilt Colin Hayward - $15,000   SOLD!!!!

  • 2 security split screen doors  
  • retro guards and rear lights  



See more pictures of this teardrop on Colin's homebuilders page on this site.

0418 146 126
Newland Arm, Vic

The ‘LadyBug’ is For Sale
$8,500 SOLD!!!!

Unique, retro style, Hand Built by professional craftsman in 2014.
Registered to May 2019
Compliance Plate attached  (see pic)

LadyBug helps you meet new friends as you travel. People come to ask about her story and ask to see inside! Her character and style is magnetic. Reluctant Sale.


  • Polished Aluminium Smooth Stucco
  • Unique Stained Glass Panels
  • 2 wide access doors with windows, plus opening section fully insect screened
  • Built to meet Transport Standards
  • 240v wired and access point, but needs final connect and certification by Electrician to pass insurance ( can also insure if disconnected)
  • Overhead opening, with insect screen
  • Large Projecta Solar panel 120W
  • Redarc Solar Regulator
  • Aux 12volt, FullRiver Deep Cycle battery DC120-12B
  • External metal lockable storage box
  • Industrial flat style mudguards ( can be used as shelf when parked)
  • Lightweight, tows very easily even with small car
  • Spare Wheel
  • Small clip on table
  • Outdoor mats


  • Interior and Kitchen all marine ply
  • Kitchen Ceiling in Retro Red/White style, matching coffee cups and canisters included
  • Quality foam with high quality cotton quilted mattress cover (Double)
  • 240v and 12v lighting
  • Convenience shelf, plus overhead small bins
  • TV with DVD and HDMI connections
  • Cargo net for additional storage (optional to use or store)
  • 240v small fan and frame to fit overhead skylight on hot nights
  • Kitchen has lots of cupboards and drawers, all secure when travelling
  • 2 Burner Gas cook top and small gas bottle (no Gas certification but compliant and can be certified) we just disconnect when travelling
  • Collapsing rubber bucket and electric kettle included


teardrop teardrop

teardrop teardrop


teardrop teardrop

teardrop teardrop teardrop

teardrop teardrop teardrop teardrop teardrop


LadyBug is simple fun on wheels and certainly a head turner wherever we go.

Garaged in Scarborough QLD
Call Rudy on 0457 448062

Foley Ark $8,500 SOLD!!!!

  • fully hot dipped galvanised chassis
  • wall panels of Celuka foamed PVC, 16mm, CNC cut for strength and accuracy
  • Sign-Bond double sided aluminium, 4mm, machine curved roof panels.
  • all nuts and screws are stainless steel and angles, stainless steel or aluminium
  • two “Aussie Teardrop Camper” doors with inner opening secure-guard flyscreens
  • three magnesium alloy wheels
  • large hinged and flyscreened roof skylight
  • two solar LED cabin lights
  • quality queen size mattress and four pillows
  • three carpeted internal storage shelves
  • two shelf stainless steel kitchen
  • a secured “Rhino” .9m x .6m x .475mm aluminium lockable trunk
  • 150mm PVC secured tube, 1.5m long, to house tent poles, fishing rods
  • light weight of just 340kgs
  • 20L water container





Brendon Foley
0754 853249
Cootharaba Qld

2008 Oztrike with teardrop camper (refer to 2nd hand trike site for trike sale)

Teardrop camper trailer - $8,500 SOLD!!!!

  • Double bed mattress inside
  • Storage cabinets
  • Solar power
  • Rear door reveals kitchen which features sink, BBQ, gas bottle (included)
  • Heaps of storage cupboards, draws include cutlery, etc. All you need is the food


trike teardrop trike teardrop trike teardrop trike teardrop

trike teardrop trike teardrop trike teardrop trike teardrop

John Leigh
0403 574 225

Cute Rustic Home Built Tear Drop Trailer $10,500 ono SOLD!!

Great for camping and festivals!

  • Recycled materials used where possible
  • Great canvas to add your own personal touch
  • Outdoor kitchen space at rear
  • Inside space fits double bed mattress and higher enough to sit up comfortably
  • Plenty of ventilation, with front and rear gallery doors that open up
  • Trailer size 8ft x 4.5ft


Click links below to large images of this unique beauty.

image1, image2, image3, image4, image5, image6, image7, image8

For more images or information

Contact Jason 0439 390 954
email: jasonregan86@hotmail.com

Spring Gully, Bendigo Victoria

Homebuilt by Jono & Nev - built new, never used $13,900 ono SOLD!!

Unfortunately my newly finished, custom built teardrop is for sale. This is the second tear drop I have built and is the culmination of what I learnt from the first van.

I invite anyone to inspect and compare our teardrop to anything else that is currently on the market. It has all the mod-cons such as fridge, 12V and 240V power, lights, inner-sprung double mattress all crammed in to a retro timber package. The last van won a trophy at the Gold Coast Rod and Custom show (similar but smaller design). This van has 300mm more head room than the previous van as well as twice the head-board storage - approximately 2.5 suit cases worth!

Body: 3000(l)x1800(h)x1500(w) - Head height inside 1400mm - probably the highest of any teardrop around Overall: 4000(l)x2080(h)x1990(w)

My baby is garaged in Logan Reserve - South side of Brisbane - 25 minutes south of the city and 45 minutes north of the Gold Coast.

or information and pictures of Jon & Nev's teardrop build, check out their homebuilders page on this site.

 jonnev13.jpg (74588 bytes) jonnev14.jpg (88812 bytes) jonnev15.jpg (52531 bytes) jonnev16.jpg (52700 bytes) jonnev17.jpg (40846 bytes)  jonnev19.jpg (61138 bytes) jonnev18.jpg (113140 bytes)

 0438 211 507
Logan Reserve, Brisbane, Qld

2015 Home Built Tear Drop Trailer For Sale $11,500 SOLD!!

  • Queen size bed with a comfortable mattress
  • Kitchen with 3 burner cook top
  • Professionaly built chassis
  • 470kg, 4 metres long
  • TV/DVD player
  • Everthing runs on 12volt or 240v
  • 2 fans in bedroom
  • 2 lights in bedroom and 1 in kitchen door
  • Plenty of cupboards in bedroom and kitchen
  • Easy to tow with our Forester
  • Drop axle with 14 inch wheels and custom built mudguards


teardrop teardrop teardrop

teardrop teardrop teardrop teardrop

Contact Anthony
0407 804 503

Cavendish, Vic

New, never used, home built teardrop trailer for sale $14,999 SOLD!!!
made by qualified master toolmaker

  • Steel external frame
  • PVC anti-mold interior
  • Huge lockable 900mm doors for easy access
  • External paint is a hard, durable hammer tone - good looking two tones
  • Double rubber heavy duty seals all round on all doors and hatches
  • Double nose cone storage areas as well as double mudguard storage space
  • Huge galley area, largest in its class with enough food storage for a large family
  • Flyscreen skylight positioned for star gazing at bedtime
  • Comes with awnings and tents as shown, 22square meters of enclosed space
  • Comes with 4x4 new mud terrain tyres. Flat mudguards that can be used as additional table space
  • Everything folds up into a small 8x4 perfectly balanced platform

    Here's a video overview of the camper trailer https://youtu.be/IAtgwizgEas


teardrop teardrop teardrop teardrop teardrop teardrop teardrop teardrop teardrop teardrop

Contact Ivana & Garth
0435 187 547
Nulkaba NSW

Built 2014 - built new, hardly used $10,000 SOLD!!!

Selling my home built teardrop camper caravan cheaper than i want to but need to make a quick sale. I have recently changed the front storage box to a larger box for more storage. I have installed a high end electric water pump system.

  • It has a TV (with usb/DVD/coaxial) and speakers for a surround sound. A stereo head if you want to throw on a CD or play music from USB or your phone via AUX or bluetooth.
  • It has a very comfortable premium foam queen mattress from clark rubber. Two storage cupboards for storage inside.
  • A gas cooktop, a 30L cooler, cutlery draws and cupboards in the kitchen area for my storage.External fold down table. Pop up ventilation inside. It will come with a small evaporative air unit (bought for $450) which sits inside one on the inside storage cupboards and works like a dream on a warm night.
  • All appliances can run off either the 12v battery or 240v by plugging power into the external 240v power inlet.
  • Sad to let this go but have to say goodbye.
  • The teardrop camper caravan's registration has lapsed and is no longer registered. 
image005.jpg (27389 bytes) image006.jpg (19818 bytes) image001.jpg (25286 bytes) image002.jpg (23202 bytes) image003.jpg (72624 bytes) image004.gif (50064 bytes)


0404 220 468
Bairnsdale, VIC 3875

Marsupial Mouse (designed & built by Keith Gales) $13,000 ono  SOLD!!!

The alternative teardrop type of camper for caravan style travelling with a small car. Weighs approx 610kg. Ball weight approximately 70kg

  • Immaculate condition (as new, hardly used, built March 2009)  
  • Registered until March 2012  
  • ALKO Independent suspension for a softer safer ride  
  • Custom built chassis by Reiner Gudd
  • 240v power with safety switch. 2 double power points
  • 12V AGM battery and CTEC smart charger  
  • 1 LED interior light, 2 LED bedside lights and 1x 12V power socket  
  • 60L water tank with a lockable water inlet hatch  
  • Stereo CD/radio with iPod connectivity
  • Single bed including mattress  
  • Storage under bed for 60L water tank, battery and spare wheel  
  • Bedside table with cupboard under
  • Overhead cupboard with a clock and a mirrored wardrobe  
  • 3x large opening windows with lined curtains and valance and a Four-Seasons roof hatch
  • Lift up rear door with gas struts and with a Yale type lock  
  • LED tail /stop lights and blinker lights with centre overhead stop light  
  • 12V LED porch light with switch [can be used for an internal light when door is closed]  
  • Large rear/side annex
  • Polished checker aluminium stone guard front, sides and rear
  • Fibreglass external lining roof and sides  
  • Mag wheels [including a new spare mag. wheel and tyre under bed]  
  • Rear kitchen including Dometic 3 way fridge and vents with a “Fridgeswitch” motion switch 
  • Large sink with drain-board, faucet with a 12V with Shurflow pressure activated water pump  
  • Microwave oven, a roll-out pantry and a kitchen drawer
  • 2 burner gas stove with griller  
  • A generous sized concealed fold-out dining table

Maurie1 Maurie6 Maurie5 

 Maurie4 Maurie3Maurie2
Maurie7 Maurie8

For more information contact Maurie Cross:
Ph: 07 4057 9079
Mob: 0428 847 346
Email: cosmoz2009@gmail.com


 Home built $10,000 ono  Sold!!!!!

Teardrop camper with everything you need to glamp in style. Ideal for anyone that loves camping but wants a little more comfort than a tent without the overheads of a big caravan.

  • Inside: double bed with 4" foam and cool gel mattress, Siroco fan, led reading lights, portable DVD player, USB and 12V sockets to charge phones and DVD, loads of shelving for clothes. Roof vent with exhaust fan, large tinted window and door with security screen.
  • Rear kitchen with plenty of shelving and storage under bench for pots and pans. Foldaway shelf for plastic tubs for food. 100AH battery under bench. More 12V and USB sockets and 4 led strip lights mean you're never in the dark when cooking. Slide on table with adjustable legs at side to cook on, Coleman gas stove stores neatly in kitchen.
  • 63 litre water tank stored underneath with checkerplate bash plate. 12v pump and push button tap in kitchen.
  • Anderson plugs on draw bar and at rear under kitchen to connect fold up 100W solar panel keeps everything topped up. Solar controller hard wired in system next to battery.
  • Outdoor connection 4.5 x 4.5m shade shelter fits over van with 4 solid walls and 4 screen walls you can zip on as needed.
  • Leaf spring suspension with greaseable shackles. Excellent clearance. 14" white sunraysia rims with good rubber. Spare checkerplate toolbox mounted on front with yet more storage room. Stabilizers at rear and jockey wheel with pneumatic tyre to make life easier, just wheel her where you want.

We'll be very sad to see our little girl go but she's not big enough for us to live in full time.

sjeffcoat5.jpg (50385 bytes) sjeffcoat1.jpg (43136 bytes)sjeffcoat2.jpg (62475 bytes) sjeffcoat3.jpg (54694 bytes) sjeffcoat4.jpg (54659 bytes)

Call Phil Jeffcoat on 0417 789 449 or 
email sonja.jeffcoat@live.com.au 
Mackay, Queensland

Little Guy Australia Deluxe Plus + Extras - $ 12,000 Sold!!!!!

  • 4WD clip-on annex and large Annex with pole tube for car
  • Very easy to Tow and handle, only 45kg ball weight
  • Standard Features: Van 2525mm long, queen size, interior rear cupboards, 2 secure doors/fly-screen/tinted, 12v roof fan, independent swinging arm torsion bar suspension, 14" mag wheels, aluminium mudguards, fire extinguisher, spare wheel under rear, 550kg fully loaded, 45kg ball weight
  • Extras ($5,000+): Rear kitchen; pantry, fridge, microwave, induction hot plate, interior front shelves.  100w fan heater, electric brakes on 650kig rubber mounted axle, wired for 240v and 12v + 6A charger, 10yr Gel Battery, 300w inverter, LED lights, 15A ext lead, out/inside 240v and 12v plugs.  Two annexes, front aluminium trunk, inside caravan mirrors, full rear carrier with 10L spring water, 10L water, 10L petrol, wheel clamp, hydraulic jack, porta-potty, queen innerspring mattress, camping cupboard, Coleman 2 burner with aluminium BBQ plate, mud flaps, fishing rod tube, and more.

Slogan on back "I go where I'm towed to" is absolutely correct. We have been on a couple of big trips of 2 months, often in remote places that we like, and never had any problem.  Its a pleasure to use and don't forget you always have that cosy queen-size bed all made up tagging behind you. For one night stands you just jump in bed and read or sleep... Magic.

apayne1.jpg (56282 bytes)

apayne5.jpg (60118 bytes) apayne6.jpg (71925 bytes) apayne2.jpg (61211 bytes) apayne3.jpg (67906 bytes)apayne4.jpg (60928 bytes)

Contact Alf
0413 319 738
Happy Valley, SA

Homebuilt by Torsten Engelhardt SOLD $9,600 ono

  • dimensions: 1250mm wide, 2530mm teardrop length, total length with drawbar 3290 mm, 1700 mm high
  • weight: approx. 350kg
  • tow ball weight: approx. 60 kg
  • roof double skinned and insulated to reduce heat penetration and condensation inside
  • outer skin aluminium with custom annealed beading
  • 15mm marine ply for side walls, cladded with aluclad panels ca. 6mm thick
  • 19mm exterior ply for floor
  • 240mm x 240mm roof hatch
  • 12v power with cigarette lighter outlet in cabin to charge phones etc.
  • new deep cycle battery and 20W solar panel to rechare
  • LED Lighting in rear hatch, reading lights in cabin plus white/red cabin light (not LED)
  • CD/Radio with 2 speakers
  • easy trailer chassis with new spare tyre mounted under drawbar
  • lockable drawbar storage box L680 mm, W260 mm, H 280 mm with deep cycle battery
  • foam mattress for sleeping comfort
  • near new 2 burner stove and gas bottle
  • comes with Coleman Event 14 gazebo as seen in one of the pictures
  • 12 months NSW rego

Voted best home built teardrop at the 2012 Teardrop Gathering in Forbes.

This teardrop has been around and seen some distant places like Cockle Creek in Tasmania.

It is in excellent condition and inspections are welcome. Always garaged.

image005.jpg (267577 bytes) 
image003.jpg (258901 bytes) image001.jpg (150332 bytes) image002.jpg (143197 bytes) image004.jpg (242360 bytes) image006.jpg (275536 bytes)

Contact Torsten
0425 357 643
South Western Sydney

Homebuilt and designed by Terry Hayes - $8,950 ono  Sold!!!!!

  • Length 2400 x width 1350 x overall width 1820
  • Registered 
  • Birch Ply (Marine Grade)
  • Two Pot Polyurethane Clear Finish
  • Weight 350 Kg
  • 16 inch X 215 Wheels
  • LED Lighting
  • Custom Built Fibreglass Mudguards
  • Front and Rear Internal Shelves
  • Water Tank
  • Trigg Tow Bar Coupling System
  • 2 Doors
  • Levelling Jacks
  • Fully Fitted Galley, Stainless Steel Sink, Inbuilt Ice Box 2 Burner Stove with Griller
  • 12V 7A Battery System
  • LED Stop/Parking, and Blinkers
  • 4 inch Foam Mattress
  • Self Pop Up Toilet Tent
  • Thetford Portaloo
  • Table ,Chairs, Extra Rear Awning
terryhayes1.jpg (83331 bytes) terryhayes2.jpg (80110 bytes) terryhayes3.jpg (81023 bytes) terryhayes4.jpg (52156 bytes)

Contact Terry
0423 095 444

Homebuilt by Tappy 2005 - $8,500 Sold!!!!!

  • Registered to 2015
  • Comes with every think its ready to go
  • Waco fridge, 2 burner stove with 3.6kg gas bottle
  • 12volt system
  • 240 volt power and lights
  • full teardrop annex
  • radio/dvd player/cd player combination
  • 5inch high density mattress

Reason for sale upgrade to a bigger van.



Contact Tappy
Phone 0400 738 683

Perth, WA

Homebuilt by Jon & Nev - built new, never used $11,700 ono  Sold!!!!!

Unfortunately my newly finished, custom built teardrop is for sale. When I started the build 2 years ago the plan was to put it behind my Jindabyne Mauve EH and do a lap of Aus. However, the EH is now gone in place of a house and I need to get ahead with the repayments in case rates go up. I am sure I will regret this in years to come :(

I invite anyone to inspect and compare our teardrop to anything else that is currently on the market. It has all the mod-cons such as TV, fridge, 12V and 240V power, lights, inner-sprung double mattress all crammed in to a retro timber package.

The Van won a trophy at the Gold Coast Rod and Custom show last month.

I could keep going and going about all the custom bits and one off fabricated parts but this would go on for pages. It really needs to be seen to be appreciated. I have around 400 pictures and files for the new owner.

My baby is garaged in Logan Reserve - South side of Brisbane - 25 minutes south of the city and 45 minutes north of the Gold Coast.

  For information and pictures of Jon & Nev's teardrop build, check out their homebuilders page on this site.



 0438 211 507
Logan Reserve, Brisbane, Qld

Homebuilt Chris Coles -  $11,500   Sold!!!!!

Chris works for Reiner building Aussie Teardrop Campers, so he knows a lot about building them.  A carpenter by trade, he has done a beautiful job on this one.  This is the second teardrop Chris has built.  He continues to enjoy the use of the first.

  • Size 1500mm x 2400mm
  • Weight approx. 380kg
  • Outside clad with aluminium sheets
  • Double skinned and insulated to help beat the heat
  • 15mm Exterior Ply for side walls
  • 12mm Exterior Ply for floor
  • 15" x 7" mag wheels
  • 2 x Euro security doors
  • 400mm x 400mm roof hatch
  • 12v and 240v power
  • LED Lighting
  • Radio/CD with 4 speakers
  • 12 month Qld Rego

For more information and pictures of Chris' teardrop build, check out his homebuilders page on this site.




contact Chris
0414 256 361


Homebuilt by Chris Crome in 2006 - $9,250 neg  

Stored under cover. Recently fitted electric brakes and manual hand brake. 1500mm wide body. Cavity walls give good insulation. Security screen doors and roof top vent provide comfortable air circulation. Attractive stained pine interior with ample storage. Kitchen hatch with built in microwave. Well taken care of and in great condition. Registered through to October 2013.




0417 649 931
Brisbane, Qld


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