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Teardrop Plans
Keith Gales
Paul Cotter
John Walker
Alan Esam
Peter Kimmorley
Trevor & Chris
Graham McFarlane
Patrick Gardiner
Rod Short
Aaron Cox
Bob Hooper
Les Cridland
Ken Herne
Chris Coles
Colin Hayward
Alex Payne
Kev Britton
Ross & Donna Deegan

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We Help Home-Builders!

People have been building teardrops since the 1930's.  Some do it on their own and some are looking for some advice and guidance.  We are regularly asked to help with plans, parts and advice.  While we don't make plans at this stage, although we do intend to one day, we are more than happy to help out with parts, a chassis, materials and advice and to point people to plans and other teardrop builders from around the world. 

If you are putting together your own plans, check out our Parts & Accessories Page

If you are looking for information on plans and advice from other builders check out the following:

  • Teardrop Plans from all around the world
  • Stories from other Aussie homebuilders like Keith Gales and Paul Cotter (use the buttons on the left of this page)
  • Yahoo! Teardrop Campers Group where you can chat to us and other home builders online
  • Teardrop Links to related sites and teardrop builders from all over the world

Buying or Selling a Home-Built Teardrop Camper?

As you can see, we we are happy to create homepages so you can show off your building expertise.  Once you have finished building your teardrop, we will even help you sell it by advertising on our 2nd Hand Teardrop page. 

Be prepared to stick with it - A teardrop trailer is a great project

A teardrop is a simple concept, however, there is a little more to building one than you first might think.  There are a few half built teardrops in sheds and garages around the country as their well intentioned builders hit obstacles, discovered that the cost of building is higher than they thought or found new projects and other distractions. Our teardrops take about 140 hours to build and that is with practice, jigs and templates. 

So if you are confident that you have the skills and time to make your own teardrop and you are looking for a project to sink your teeth into, we are more than happy to help out.  We love teardrops in all varieties and are keen to see what others come up with.  The main thing is to get out their and enjoy the great outdoors, and teardrops are a great way to do just that.

Registering a Home Built Teardrop Camper

The cost and paper work required to register a home built camper trailer depends on which Australian state you live in and the weight of your camper.  We have included links to the relevant pages of various transport authorities, however, some are easier to find and to follow than others (and some agencies keep changing their links!).  Some have information specific to trailers/caravans and some don't.  If someone finds more appropriate links, I would be happy to add them.

Other projects

If you have finished building your teardrop camper and you are now looking for other projects, check out the Scruffie Marine website.  Derek and Annette of Mount Tamborine in Queensland build a range of kits and finished timber boats, based on old world styling and an artistic eye for detail.  Regularly sold both here and overseas, these compact sailing boats are reminiscent of teardrop campers in their clever simplicity and classic design.  They are very satisfying to build and great fun to sail. 

We had never sailed before, but bought a Scruffie on the spur of the moment...  and we have been hooked ever since.


Or how about converting a popular van to a camper?  Myles and Nikki from DIY RV Solutions build all sorts of fibreglass components. They manufacture a range of showers, pop-up roofs and other parts to suit popular vans for converting to light motor homes and campervans.

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