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Teardrop 2 Finished Product

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Teardrop 2 Build Process

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I invite anyone to inspect and compare our teardrop to anything else that is currently on the market. It has all the mod-cons such as TV, fridge, 12V and 240V power, lights, inner-sprung double mattress all crammed in to a retro timber package.

The Van won a trophy at the Gold Coast Rod and Custom show last month.


  • 75x50x3mm Galvanised draw bar
  • 50x25x3mm Frame
  • Brand new leafs, hitch, hangers, etc. All rated to 750kg
  • 13x6 Hotwires with new centre caps
  • Swing up jockey wheel
  • Wind down rear leg (not needed but you do things right the first time)
  • High Tensile bolts throughout
  • Any exposed materials cold galvanised, then black jacked


  • 12mm floor with under mattress drop box for table and chairs
  • 19m Hard wood walls (3050x1600 not the smaller 2400x1200)
  • 9mm Bendy Ply roof ($110 a sheet x 6)
  • Meranti and Tassy Oak Ribs
  • Coated inside and out in Sikkens Cetol Marine Varnish
  • Full size double innerspring mattress
  • Polished aluminium extrusions around all edges, handles etc
  • Wind-out windows with fly screens and security locks
  • Key lockable side door, Lockable rear door
  • Button pinned vinyl head board with hidden trap door compartment (LED light from inside)
  • Doors separating galley from cabin
  • Melamine bench tops
  • Fibreglass mud guards (sold my first born for these haha)
  • All screws, nails etc hidden where possible
  • Galley/Electrics
  • Fold down 15" DVD/SD/USB TV
  • LED spot lights in cabin, LED lights in hidden head board box, LED down light in Galley
  • Frenched in LED tail lights, LED lights for number plates hidden in bolts
  • 35L Waeco Fridge
  • Inverter
  • 240v - 15Amp Inlet (caravan park spec)
  • Deep Cycle 120AH battery
  • Safety Switch,Fuse Panel, Isolator switches, All wiring hidden where possible
  • Andersens plug with 2 gauge wiring for charging while driving
  • Weighs approx 380kg loaded and has a ball weight of around 35kg
  • Body: 3000mm(L) x 1400mm(W) x 1500mm(H)
  • Overall: 3800mm(L) x 2000mm(W) x 1850mm(H)

I could keep going and going about all the custom bits and 1 off fabricated parts but this would go on for pages. It really needs to be seen to be appreciated. I have around 400 pictures and files for the new owner.

My baby is garaged in Logan Reserve - South side of Brisbane - 25 minutes south of the city and 45 minutes north of the Gold Coast.

Teardrop 1 Build Process


Teardrop 1 Finished Product

Jonathan Jones & Neville Sealey 's Teardrop, built in Logan Reserve, Queensland, Teardrop 1, 2012 Teardrop 2, 2015. Email Jon or call on 0438 211 507

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