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What makes our teardrops special?

At Aussie Teardrop Campers we are really committed to the finish of our teardrops. Easy said, but the proof is in our workmanship.  Many people who have seen one of our teardrops comment on it and it is not uncommon for comments, "This is finished off better than my $40,000 caravan!"

Lightweight, Compact Size

We have focused on minimising weight and designing our A-frame so that our teardrops can be towed using the largest range of towing vehicles by the largest range of drivers.  Light weight and easy to manoeuvre, most drivers can quickly master towing an Aussie Teardrop Camper through cities and the outback alike.

Value for Money

To minimise production costs, we are building the one size & model teardrop at this time. These savings are passed on to you, the customer.

All materials & workmanship are covered by a 12-month conditional warranty.

Steel Chassis & Bumper are TriplexTM Coated

Triplex™ is Electro Seal's combined galvanising & powder-coating premium finish. It is the ultimate finish for exterior steel work and offers a 10 year performance warranty covering corrosion, adhesion and film integrity. 

Triplex™ is a system developed by, and is unique to Electro Seal and incorporates both galvanising and double powder coating. Their galvanising meets the requirements of AS/NZS 2312:1994.


  • Galvanising choice is a mixture of zinc & aluminium for superior anodic protection
  • Galvanising is flat, even and without dags
  • Double powder coat layer for best protection of the galvanising
  • Basically, it is the best, toughest, most durable paint finish available

High Quality External Finish

External sheeting is powder coated aluminium in a range of colours or can be stucco aluminium or 2mm fibre-glass sheeting.  All sheeting choices are selected for durability and style. We use high quality aluminium products from Ullrich Metals.

High Quality Accessories & Fittings

Wherever possible we use stainless steel or aluminium fittings and we use top of the line, marine quality locks and light fixtures. We want our teardrops to withstand rust and travel conditions so that you can concentrate on having fun.

We also scour the market and test out camping accessories that meet the exacting quality standards that we set ourselves.  They are often not the cheapest on the market, but they are always the best. Some of our favourites include:

  • Evakool Eskies - long lasting, heavy duty eskies.
  • Cobb Camping Ovens - TIME International voted Cobb one of the top thirty inventions of 2001. Barbeque, oven roast, all in a compact no mess, no fuss package. 
  • Oz Tent - perfect as an annex to the teardrop if you are looking to stay in one place for some time.


Unfortunately in this day and age, security is a big issue.  You and your belongings are safely protected by high quality locking systems and sturdy exterior.  You can sleep soundly and you can leave your belongings unattended, calm in the knowledge that they are safely locked away.

Touch of Luxury

While the motto for a teardrop is keep it simple, we figure there is nothing wrong with a touch of luxury. 

  • All Aussie Teardrop Campers come with a CD/Stereo and only the best will do.  All sound systems are name brands such as Sony or Pioneer. 
  • The kitchenette storage area can accessed via cupboards inside the teardrop.
  • The mattress is made of high density, high quality 3" foam fully upholstered with removable, hardwearing covers and matching pillows. 
  • Wind up screened air hatches and screened windows allow you to enjoy warm nights and you will find the teardrops toasty warm on cold nights.

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