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The Bon Trike HS3 (Rewaco) has been the best seller here in Australia  for many years for good reasons. 

Bon Trikes used to be built from mostly imported components made and tested in Germany by Rewaco. Every container arrived in OZ with 10 Trikes which were put together in Blacktown, Sydney. The new motors and new Gearboxes came through Germany from Mexico or Brazil where they are made under VW  Germany's strict control and licensing.  The well known HS3 Rewaco trike is no longer produced and has been replaced by the more modern HS4 and HS5.  These models no longer use the original VW rear torsion bars, they have been replaced with a very well designed and tested rear-frame suspension system.  All the new models have rear-disk brakes and other improvements which make the trike handle even better than the old, but well designed HS3. The HS6 from Rewaco is powered by a V-twin motor very much like the old thumper made in Milwaukee.

The fibre-glass parts, like the bodies, mudguards and top-boxes, were made in Sydney.  A few other bits and pieces came from the USA and other countries as well.

The Bon Trike HS3 (Rewaco) featured a computer designed "ladder" type frame made from heavy duty square section tubing.  This made it the strongest and lightest frame  available in Australia.  It is slim and totally hidden under the one piece fibreglass body.  The frame houses all the hydraulic and electrical components.  The fully independent rear suspension is complete with coil springs over hydraulic shock absorbers, trailing arms and torsion bars. This provided a comfortable ride and excellent handling characteristics.  This set-up in combination with the stainless steel Girder/Springer front fork, guarantees perfect comfort and phenomenal cornering. The self centering steering and wheelbase of 2260mm ensures superb straight line stability, while the super wide rear tyres give you the best grip at any speed!

The VW transaxle and 4 speed (plus reverse) "H' pattern gear box is operated by the left hand through a gearshift lever. The clutch is operated with the left foot, the brakes operated with the right foot... and the braking power is awesome. Brakes are applied through the front disk and the rear drums linked via a dual circuit master cylinder.  The VW flat four is fitted with a custom made stainless steel exhaust system.

Why choose the VW engine?

  • It's air cooled with no need for a radiator. This makes it light with excellent power to weight ratio
  • It has 1200 to 1600cm2 of stump pulling torque which is plenty to pull the 438Kg Trike
  • It is one of the easiest motors to service and parts are readily available
  • The engine is legendary for its longevity

Pillions have never had it better. The elevated seating position means never having to stare into the back of a helmet again.  The passenger has a 360 degree view and there is no need to hold onto anything unless you are really putting the Trike through its paces.